Learn 10 techniques on how to get clients on Instagram

Getting clients on Instagram is a good way to maintain visibility and take advantage of tools that the social network makes available to elevate your Digital Marketing strategy.

Furthermore, in the context of Digital Transformation , with the digitization of businesses and changes in consumer behavior 4.0, being omnichannel and reaching customers at all touchpoints with sales potential — as long as they are suited to the persona — is also a matter of competitiveness.

Instagram maintains its relevance among social media channels as it launches new features and functionality useful for the corporate sector. Therefore, it is interesting to keep your business in an e-commerce or marketplace but also invest in visibility and conversions on social networks.

If your business persona is compatible with this marketing channel , you can create an excellent strategy to engage, delight and convert your customers. See the tips we have below and how to get clients on Instagram.

1. Define your business persona

Before we get started, you need to know that Instagram is a social network with a predominance of young users. The channel’s active user base is mainly made up of people aged between 18 and 29, and the success of its strategy will depend on the pains and anxieties of the public in this age group .

So, before taking any action, you need to define your business persona — a fictitious or semi-fictitious representation of your ideal customer — and make sure it’s active on Instagram.

2. Set up a business profile to get clients on Instagram

Instagram allows you to connect with your audience in many ways , either through direct or through indirect interaction in comments and likes. In addition, you can use the @ sign to tag a user and get the social proof you need to influence other people’s consumption decisions, get quick, personalized feedback, or promote your products or services.

Instagram also has a direct purchase setup feature within the app — instead of users tapping the website link to check out the product, they’ll checkout directly, without leaving the social platform. This feature is only available to users with a business profile, so it is important to configure your channel properly for the objective you want to achieve.

Another way to increase your channel’s reach is to connect it to Facebook. Thus, all actions will be integrated on both platforms.

3. Have a Digital Marketing Strategy for Instagram

A robust strategy for getting clients on Instagram is directly related to how your Digital Marketing was structured. Hashtags, for example, are popular among many social media users. but surprisingly, some companies misuse this feature.

That’s because before choosing the best hashtag for your post, you need to structure your business model and understand what your audience demands. Without well-defined Digital Marketing actions, it is impossible to guarantee the proper use of all the tool’s resources.

If you believe that just tagging your location on Instagram will help people find your tag, you’re wrong. This is just one of the actions to be carried out: you also need to define your persona, choose hashtags most appropriate for the goal you want to achieve and the funnel stage of leads, as well as defining brand tags to start your efforts brand awareness , for example.

Therefore, a Digital Marketing strategy for Instagram must combine traditional Marketing actions with other best practices for using the platform, as you can see in the next topics.

4. Create an editorial calendar with relevant posts to sell on Instagram

You also need to define the format and themes of the content that will be disseminated on this channel, as they have the power to awaken the public’s interest in your brand — with Content Marketing you can demonstrate authority and increase the perception of value about your products or services that your company offers to your audience.

There are many embeddable tools for Instagram that help automate the content creation process . With Hootsuite, for example, you can define your entire editorial calendar so that you don’t become hostage to implementing this strategy.

The automation for Instagram will allow you to devote your time to other aspects of the business such as distribution logistics or maintenance of the presence of your brand on other channels, both physical and digital. However, this facility does not mean that you can neglect the social network: it is just a way to identify areas for improvement to grow your business in a sustainable way.

You will still need to maintain engagement with the public : answer questions, thank you for comments, answer objections, like pages and content of companies whose products or services can complement your performance in the market and even actively communicate with users through direct or via Instagram stories .

5. Bet on polls about what content and products customers like

With this feature available to Instagram users, it is possible to better scale your strategy , both in relation to the content that most attracts and delights users, and in relation to the products and services they most like or would like your company to make available.

In this way, you can define the minimum and maximum budget for each sector: marketing, research and development of new products and even promotions or loyalty actions that further guarantee the public’s satisfaction with your brand.

6. Create sponsored ads

Combining an organic Content Marketing strategy with a paid campaign through Instagram Ads is a way to guarantee results both in the short and long term. That’s because sponsored links and ads generate immediate visibility, but as soon as the campaign ends, the numbers drop again and this can be very frustrating for those who have invested, hoping for a continuous return.

The continued relevance and number of users converted into customers, however, is a consequence of investing in content that is of value and suitable for the profile, expectations and aspirations of the persona of your business, which can only be achieved with organic strategies . However, you can still invest in Ads and make more people have access to your profile :

  • take care to target the ads to the audience whose characteristics match your persona;
  • schedule A/B tests with the ads offered (so you can see which form of communication is most effective);
  • choose keywords that are directly related to your company — the name of your business, the name of the product or service you want to promote, the features that can be considered differentiators in the market, the benefits that your brand can provide to your audience , between others. Never use the name of a direct competitor or choose keywords by click-through rate: always think about the relationship it will have with your business profile;
  • ensure that your page has enough information to demonstrate credibility and relevance: full address, contact telephone number, delivery policy, privacy and data usage policy, opening hours, among others;
  • use high-quality visuals — choose colors that match your brand platform, use letters and fonts that don’t compromise your ad’s readability, never choose nude photos, even if you consider exposure irrelevant, prioritize the use of logos for the immediate identification of your company, avoid covering the elements of the image with signs and logos.

You can increase the volume of traffic to your profile with a good paid strategy, direct the audience to a landing page , website or institutional blog, but rest assured that you will be able to provide the best visiting experience in these touch points — leads must recognize value throughout their interaction with your brand.

7. Partner with influencers

Influence marketing is very effective and Instagram is the leader in conversions based on referrals made by digital influencers. In addition to the large number of followers on social media, these users can impact the decisions shoppers make about the products and services consumed on a daily basis by digital channels.

When influencers promote products and services on their Instagram accounts, they amplify a company’s potential audience, increase marketing and sales ROI , and integrate powerful social proof that can make the digital consumption model more trustworthy for users who are still unconvinced of digitization.

There are also micro-influencers , people with great capacity to transmit information that reach a smaller audience, but with great conversion potential due to their high credibility, whether in a specific niche or in a geolocated way.

8. Demonstrate products, services or processes

Through Instagram, it is possible to present various aspects of your business to the public . This is a great way to show what goes on behind the scenes at the company, from manufacturing, sales and distribution to who your employees and customers are.

Therefore, highlight the people who are part of each step or process and demonstrate your products or services. The digital market has the disadvantage of not providing real experiences during the decision process. This can be supplied through social proofs and demonstrations.

Although this type of content is more effective in more advanced stages of the consumer journey, this way of proving the usability and quality of the products or services your company sells influences customer consumption decisions, whether in a first contact or in recurring sales, and should be used extensively to ensure your brand’s credibility.

9. Make full use of the features offered by Instagram

We’ve already talked about using features like hashtags, @ for tagging users, direct in-app purchase, location to target a more specific audience, ads with Instagram Ads, direct to individual conversations, and more. But Instagram has numerous other features that can be useful for promoting your business.

You can use stories, make lives, videos or reels on Instagram . Thus, it is possible to increase your brand’s exposure without compromising the users’ experience or tiring your customers with the same type of content. So although Instagram is a more visual social network, based mainly on publishing images, you should use other post formats.

A video, for example, can convert followers who hardly stop to read written publications, while stories allow them to share ephemeral information, but with great potential for conversions.

With this feature it is possible to add captions, make boomerangs, highlight text, change the font style, create polls, use sliding stickers, ask questions and countdown, that is, use various forms of interactivity that attract the public’s attention and ensure greater level of engagement .

Stories also allow your brand to remain at the top of the user’s feed for longer and if the engagement is considerable, Instagram releases the “swipe up” functionality so that the user is directed to a page without having to leave the app.

Another interesting feature, IGTV, allows posting longer videos, which can be interesting for posting past content, such as webinars or lives.

10. Reward your followers

A loyalty or rewards program, with the distribution of prizes, broadcasting personalized content, granting exclusive discounts or sharing privileged information, for example, is a way to keep the entire audience conquered with your Digital Marketing efforts in contact with your brand .

This frequent contact increases the chances of loyalty and, mainly, satisfaction with the experience provided by your brand.

With these features and tools it won’t be difficult to learn how to get clients on Instagram. The platform has great potential to become the future of e-commerce and sales streaming.

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