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In a market that increasingly competes for consumer attention, it is not enough to offer a better quality product or at the best price. To get people interested in your business and, consequently, sell more, it is essential to create a sales enablement strategy .

After all, with so many resources and tools available on the market, you should take advantage of each of these solutions in order to achieve your goals and satisfy your business needs.

The main objective of developing such a strategy is to prepare the sales team so that it can create the most favorable scenario possible to convert potential customers.

But do you know what it takes to create a successful sales enablement strategy for your company and what are the essential skills for anyone who wants to play an important role in this process?

Keep reading this content to stay on top of the subject and boost your sales performance!

What is sales enablement and what are its benefits?

Before showing you how to implement a sales enablement strategy, it is essential that you understand what this concept means.

In practice, sales enablement is a collaborative planning that involves different areas of the company in order to create content and materials that facilitate the salesperson’s work .

In a market as competitive as we have today, consumers increasingly value positive experiences in every interaction they have with the brand.

Therefore, the objective of a sales enablement strategy is to simplify the relationship and bring the two parties closer – customer and business –, expanding the team’s sales potential.

The main benefit of this is to increase the effectiveness of your company’s actions. The idea is that, as a result of the tight integration between the sales and marketing teams, the salesperson gets as much information about the lead as possible . Furthermore, the alliance between these two areas tends to generate even more useful information for your business. 

Another objective here is to avoid wasting time and resources on useless content , which, according to a SiriusDecisions survey , represents 60% of companies’ production.

This way, you can provide content that is relevant to the consumer and, adding to the lead generation work, facilitate your team’s negotiations.

What should a sales enablement professional always consider?

Sales enablement professionals can never forget their main challenges. The first one is to create content that is relevant to the audience and that can be used by the sales team.

In addition, it is the role of this employee to prepare everyone involved in the customer interaction process to use the solutions correctly.

For that, the tools are essential, as they allow the sales enablement work to be, in fact, efficient, as they will guarantee the team access to more practical information about the consumer .

It is also the job of this professional to find and use strategies that increase the chances of closing new deals. This is the case of cross-selling, for example.

What skills are needed to succeed in this job?

Some characteristics are essential for the professional who wants to assume this position. Therefore, he must be trained to be able to understand how to improve the performance of the sales team.

Below, we present the five indispensable skills for those who want to fill this position. Check out!

Good communication

Communication is fundamental to the success of the person responsible for implementing a sales enablement strategy. After all, he will have to deal with different professionals and facilitate the connection between different sectors of the company.

For this, you will have to be as transparent as possible in your way of putting yourself, in order to ensure that everyone understands well what role they will have to play.

organizational skills

Another central point is the organization, as the other employees will present many demands in their work routine.

It is necessary to organize all the necessary actions, so that the sectors can work in an integrated manner, avoiding rework and planning errors that would harm the entire strategy.

data based thinking

It is essential to have technology and the enormous amount of information generated by the company.

Therefore, an important skill to succeed in this role is to always rely on data . Being a data-driven professional will allow you to make more accurate and effective decisions, as you will be supported by detailed studies and analysis.

Good relationship with the team

Both when onboarding a new team member and trying to get the most out of each salesperson, it’s very important to know how to deal with the people that make up your team.

The person responsible for implementing the sales enablement strategy, therefore, must be able to manage his employees with firmness and respect.

continuous evolution

Another important posture is to constantly look for ways to improve the results of your work. This means not being satisfied with what has already been achieved and continuing to search for new tools, solutions and ideas that allow the tasks to be carried out even more efficiently and accurately.

How to create a sales enablement strategy from scratch?

Not sure how to develop and implement an efficient sales enablement strategy in your company? To help you with that, we present, below, a step-by-step guide with all the tips and points of attention you need to design your strategy from the beginning and, thus, get more sales.

1. Set the goals

The first step in implementing an effective sales enablement strategy is to determine what your goals will be for each action.

This means that you must do a thorough analysis and discover errors, glitches and bottlenecks, then understand which situations will need to be worked out more carefully.

2. Talk to the sales team

After that, it’s time to understand the difficulties of the team that will benefit most from the execution of this strategy: the sales team.

To do this, talk to them and seek to identify what can be done to improve the sales approach and, of course, the results . These professionals will undoubtedly give you good insights to make your strategy more efficient.

3. Understand your audience’s behavior

Understanding how your audience behaves is another key point. This study involves not only demographic data, but also information about what these people are looking for and what are their main difficulties .

With that in hand, find out how it will be easier to get their attention, in order to increase the chances of selling.

4. Don’t forget the consumer journey

It is also important to align your sales enablement strategy with the consumer journey. To do this, analyze your sales funnel and consider your leads’ needs at each of those times.

As a result, you will be more accurate in identifying which content is most appropriate for your audience at each point in the process of interacting with your business.

5. Select contents

It’s time to decide which content you will use in your sales enablement strategy. What will be most effective at each touch point? How will the seller use this material to deepen the conversation and increase the prospect’s chances of making the purchase?

6. Prepare the team to work

With the strategy defined, it is necessary to guide employees on how to put this knowledge into action. 

Marketing professionals, for example, must create content with specific objectives . Likewise, the seller needs to understand that he should always analyze the exchanges with leads, in order to identify points that can be improved.

7. Separate your tools

The next challenge is to put together all the tools that will be needed to put your sales enablement strategy to work. What resources and solutions can be used to facilitate human work?

This issue must be carefully evaluated, especially when choosing the most appropriate tools for you to achieve your goals.

8. Analyze

Even when your strategy is already drawn up and running, the work will be far from over, as you will need to monitor the results regularly: what difficulties have arisen? How to overcome them?

What content formats can be used for sales enablement?

Now that you know what a sales enablement strategy is, why it is important and how to implement it, how about checking out the content formats that can be used to execute it?

Below, we list some examples that might be interesting for your business looking for different purposes — but always with the objective of increasing sales!

lead generation

To increase the amount of leads captured, you can create blog posts, reports and case studies . The objective, at this moment, is to encourage the user’s interest in your company and help you solve your problems.

Team support

As we said, preparing your team for sales is very important, as only 16% of salespeople feel prepared for the work they do, according to an IDC survey .

For that, the most appropriate type of content are forms and spreadsheets with information about the performance of competitors, for example.

Conversion into sales

When it comes to selling, the best thing is to invest in really captivating content. A current trend is the interactive content that can be produced with the help of tools like Ion Interactive. So, your team should get better results.

Creating a sales enablement strategy is essential to boost your team’s performance . In a scenario of so much competition, you need to do everything in your power to ensure that users always have a good experience with your content and, even more importantly, that your sales team is prepared to act based on these solutions.

Interactive content not only captures the audience’s attention, but also provides information necessary for the seller to be able to take a more accurate approach to the consumer, which will increase their chances of conversion.

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