Understand the importance of behavioral data in marketing

You know brands spend millions every year on marketing to attract, engage and retain the perfect customer, don’t you? In the process, they create highly targeted interactive ad campaigns and generate content and digital marketing campaigns that speak individually to the consumer. So what is their secret? Well, these companies develop these campaigns based on data collected throughout the customer’s lifecycle. … Read more

Building brand trust: what is the real impact of brand trust on marketing and sales?

There is a reason why brand awareness and brand trust are so important in every industry. Brands tell consumers what they can expect from a product, and consumers remember the brands they like — and don’t like. When they think about making a purchase, 81% of consumers think about the brand and evaluate the reasons for closing a deal … Read more

Understand at once what is the return on investment in companies

What is the payback period? The investment payback period is the indicator that shows how much time it will take until the initial financial contribution is returned . Imagine that the founders of a startup want to know the time until the business starts to make a profit. They must use the PRI to make the calculation and draw a strategic … Read more

Do you have good engagement but no customers? See the main reasons

In the digital world, getting customers is still very important for companies, but it is no longer the main concern. At least, the ways to achieve this goal are not the same as the traditional ones, which invested in direct strategies to seek people. Currently, it is essential to strengthen engagement and communication with consumers, so that this leads … Read more

What are the main types of data storage that exist

Today, digital technology is an indispensable component for the success and performance of all companies, regardless of their size. Even individual micro-entrepreneurs need to know how to manage their data efficiently, promote digital marketing and optimize their processes. However, as a business grows, this task becomes more complex. One factor involved here is the existence of different types of data storage . … Read more

Understand the difference between object-oriented and relational databases

Work within medium and large companies is increasingly intertwined with digital technology. The main reason for this is the way organizations deal with information on a daily basis. The digital marketing is a good example , as is increasingly driven by statistics and data correlation than by individual observation, which brings us to the importance of understanding the difference between … Read more

Turning data into information is essential: know how to do it

In the digital transformation process that many companies are going through, data is a central element. They are the ones that allow you to automate tasks and inform decisions, which are essential activities in the digital age, which is increasingly agile and competitive. However, having access to the enormous amount of data from big data is not enough to improve … Read more

Do you really know what a good ROI is? Find out now!

Basically, ROI — Return on Investment — corresponds to an indicator used to assess the company’s profitability, that is, the positive financial return of a given capital invested in the business. Although this concept is quite simple, you need to look at several factors to understand what a good ROI really is and how important it is to … Read more

Find out how to interview a customer to get good insights into your business

Do you want to know how to interview a client? This action is used in product research and development, to better understand the desires, needs, goals and challenges of the business persona or to structure a sales and marketing campaign . All this makes this practice a good strategy to ensure more visibility, conversions and customer loyalty for a business . There … Read more